Trends Analyzing of Economic Structure in Iran

Samad Hekmati Farid, Nader Zali


Reviewing economic capabilities and potentials of various regions and their changes in the course of time is an effective step in regional planning and optimal allocation of facilities and sources. Without reviewing the trend of past changes, planning for the future is impossible. In this regards, this paper tries to analyze the trends and the changes of economic structure of East Azarbaijan province and the whole country. In this research, it shares shift model and structural shifts index have been used for measuring economic structure changes in agriculture, industry & mines, services, building, water, electricity and gas supplying sectors and changes trend of the province have been reviewed in 4, 15 & 72 sector patterns from 2000 to 2006. Results show that the most structural changes in economy of the province and the country have occurred in building, water, electricity & gas supplying sectors in 2000-2006 and during the time value added creation power of this sector has increased. Also, agricultural sector has faced reduction of value added power both in the province and country and in comparison with other economic activities had not been able to keep its economic power. Structural changes direction of industry, mines and services sectors have been decreasing in the province, but their changes are not so noticeable in comparison with the base year. Results of shares shift model and structural shifts index of the province in various activity fields have been presented in the frame of economic winner, mixed economic winner, economic loser and mixed economic loser.


East Azarbaijan; structure shift; share shift; regional development

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